Wine and Roses in Lodi

Check in with Audelyn News for updates on new restaurants, bars and retail stores carrying our wine. First is one of our favorite places to hang out and relax, Wine and Roses in Lodi, CA.

If you haven’t been to Wine and Roses in Lodi before, you’re really missing out. Easily one of the most beautiful resorts and spas in Northern California, it makes for a perfect getaway weekend. They have everything you need: Good wine, amazing food, great bar, full spa, pool, live music, awesome events and beautiful grounds. You can stay at the resort all weekend or you can venture out to over 30 wineries in the area. We find ourselves hanging out at Wine and Roses all the time, especially when Ike and Martin are laying down some acoustic kick ass. Of course, I wouldn’t be writing this if you couldn’t get Audelyn’s 2012 Russian River Pinot Noir at Wine and Roses, so stop by for awhile and relax in the Townhouse Restaurant and Bar with a bottle of Audelyn. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ll see you there.

Audelyn Wines: What’s in the name?

Audrey and Madelyn

Audrey and Madelyn

Welcome to Audelyn Wines. Mitch and Blake have discussed creating lovely and classy Pinot Noirs pairing Mitch’s passion and experience in wine making with Blake’s knowledge and experience in business for many years now. We finally decided to put the talk into action with a great 2012 Russian River vintage. As we developed our business and initial vintage, we tossed around names constantly, but nothing wowed us or matched the vision for our wine and company. Finally at the end of October 2013, the name of our wine came to us, literally. On October 26th, Blake’s wife, Lindsey, gave birth to their beautiful twins, Audrey and Madelyn Burnham. We barely had to discuss the name of the wine after that. Audelyn was perfect. We then presented our wine name and vision to our great design artist and friend and she came up with the logo of two little swans to represent both of the twins. We now carry this logo on our label as well as the ends of our cork.


Our label name and wine is something we hold very close to our hearts. This wine was built on great friends and new families and we are so happy and proud we can share it with our families and friends. We are looking forward to many more great vintages as we continue to source the best fruit we can find and hand craft a classic Pinot Noir.



Our Information Page

Here is where you can come and get all the latest information about Audelyn Wines.  We are so excited to be able to bring you a great wine and will keep you updated on how to order and local places to stop by and pick up a couple bottles on your way home.  Let us know if you have any questions by using our “Contact Us” page.


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